The SmartDealerProducts software suite consists of the SmartPad tablet-based interview and survey software, SmartMenu professional menu selling software featuring DMS integration and multi-lingual functionality, SmartEye digital recording software designed for legality and quality assurance and SmartP.R.U. an advanced data-driven F&I reporting tool.


Present & Close

SmartMenu is a complete web-based menu generation system, where F&I managers can create and visualize a real-time menu complete with package and base payments.


Record & Comply

SmartEye digitally records and archives F&I transactions in high-quality video and audio. It's a quality control tool that helps dealers ensure every F&I customer receives professional and ethical service and information during every transaction.


Analyze & Compare

SmartP.R.U. is a web-based F&I reporting tool which utilizes DMS data to deliver an extensive report library to the dealer. SmartP.R.U. reports are designed to maximize F&I potential and identify strengths and weaknesses of the dealership’s F&I process.


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