Unlike most of our competitors, iA American has the advantage of being vertically integrated with our own insurance company. 


DAC: The "A" Rated Insurance Arm of iA American

With an A.M. Best Rating of “A,” Dealers Assurance Company (DAC) was established in 1935, and is licensed to write insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As the financial backstop for all of the warranties we offer, DAC is a leading underwriter of service contracts and limited warranty programs for automobiles, light- and heavy-duty trucks, powersports, RVs, furniture, appliances, and home warranties. 

DAC’s Long and Trusted Third-Party Relationships

Although DAC is an integral part of iA American Warranty Group, its services as a Property & Casualty insurance company are not exclusive to iA American products. DAC has long and trusted relationships with numerous third-party administrators throughout the United States. DAC’s partners know there is an unbreachable wall of security separating their non-affiliated business from the rest of iA American. They trust DAC to keep their information safe, secure, and private at all times, and so can you.

DAC Keeps You in Control of Your Business

Once your business has been thoroughly vetted and approved, DAC allows its partners to operate autonomously. You benefit from being the ultimate underwriter of your business, without  all of the associated financial, compliance, and regulatory burdens of actually owning an insurance company. Backed by a wealth of industry experience, DAC can assist you with what’s most important: developing successful, compliant, and profitable programs. If you are an administrator who knows your business, understands the risks, and wants to reap the rewards, choose DAC as your insurance partner. 

DAC’s Speed-to-Market Advantages

Having our own insurance company eliminates the delays and philosophical differences that oftentimes come with using unaffiliated third-party insurers, enabling us to develop and implement the right products faster, with the right pricing and the right terms. Vertical integration with our own insurance company allows us speed-to-market advantages over many of our competitors. Your priorities are our priorities throughout every stage of the process — from IT to operations, and from product development to compliance.

FIP: A DAC-Exclusive Profit Participation Opportunity

One of our most important profit participation opportunities is available exclusively to DAC clients. Our Flexible Investment Program (FIP) allows access to that portion of the unearned premium in the dealer’s reinsurance company that exceeds the projected future losses and refunds on the program. The funds may be loaned by the reinsurer to the reinsurer’s shareholders or the dealership operation to increase cash flow or reduce floor plan borrowings. FIP is built on a solid foundation of compliance, and offers the opportunity to achieve some of the highest potential profits in our industry. For more information regarding our profit participation opportunities, go here.

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Do you have a great idea to improve your service contract product offering, but are getting bogged down by your current insurance provider to make changes? Do you want to launch an ancillary product, but it's taking forever to get approval? Visit DAC’s website to learn how DAC can insure your business and help get your products to market faster: 

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